When: Sunday, Mar. 3rd, 2013.     Check in: 6:30 a.m. and 1-hour before each race start time

Race Start:  5k @8am, MTB@10am, Duathlon@12pm

Where: Jonathan Dickinson State Park Hobe Sound, FL.

Course Info: The 5K will be off-road, mostly single-track. The Mountain bike race will be one normal lap at JD about 8 miles. The duathlon will be a one mile run, 8 mile mountain bike, and a 3 mile run. All races will be well marked! Compete in all three events to be crowned King or Queen Sand Buster!

Awards: Top 5 male and female finishers in each race will receive a prize or medal. New this year you can race in the Masters (40yr+) Division if you’re doing the Triple (all 3 events).

Swag:  Tech shirt, Go-Balls endurance fuel, road ID coupons, and more great stuff as we secure sponsors!

Directions: Jonathan Dickinson State Park 16450 S.E. Federal Highway Hobe Sound, Florida 33455 (772) 546-2771 Once in the park take your first right, go one mile & the trail head is on the left before the RR tracks. 


                                         Early Entry                 Late Entry                                Race day Registration

                                       (before 2/14/13)           (after 2/15/13 – 02/28/13)

    5K                                        $25                        $35                                                  $45 

    MTB race                              $25                        $35                                                  $45   

    Duathlon                               $45                        $55                                                  $65

    The Triple Sand Buster            $85                        $95                                                  $105

**The Triple Sand Buster includes all three races- 5K, MTB race, and duathlon!!!

***Mailed registrations must be received by registration dates, so plan accordingly.

                   Triple Sand Buster Race Roster - Updated 03/02/13                  


Triple Sand Buster (all 3 events)


  1. 1.Jeremy Carr

  2. 2.Jason Schultz

  3. 3.Justin Gaeta


  1. 1.Erinn Cowell

  2. 2.Colleen Joyce

  3. 3.Chrissy Elliott

  4. 4.Haylee Befeld


  1. 1.Kenneth Carter

  2. 2.Timothy Carter

  3. 3.Richard Cowell

  4. 4.Clark Archibald

  5. 5.John Manrique

  6. 6.Ken Clark





  1. 1.Donna Adler

  2. 2.Adrienne Rabinowitz

  3. 3.Irene Arpayoglou

  4. 4.Megan Loges

  5. 5.DeAnna Smith


  1. 1.Chris Martinez

  2. 2.Jack Scarduzio

  3. 3.Joseph Peters

  4. 4.Robert Martellotti

  5. 5.Kris Koerber

  6. 6.Kyle Koerber

  7. 7.Chris Taylor

  8. 8.Tyler Taylor

5K off-road


  1. 1.Linda Peters

  2. 2.Valerie Barrick

  3. 3.Karen Fortmeyer

  4. 4.Sara Wishart

  5. 5.Debbie Knupp

  6. 6.Stacey Justine

  7. 7.Cynthia Washam

  8. 8.Patti Radford

  9. 9.Elizabeth Taylor

  10. 10. Mia Taylor


  1. 1.Sean Otterson

  2. 2.Connor Archibald

  3. 3.Ken Meierling

  4. 4.John Houri

  5. 5.Jon Williams

  6. 6.Willis Michaelson

Mountain Bike


  1. 1.Patti Radford


  1. 1.Randy Scheid

  2. 2.Willis Michaelson

  3. 3.Bryan Borck

  4. 4.Edward Berndt

  5. 5.Bill Meyers

  6. 6.Robert Villalobos


March 3rd, 2013